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Friday, August 26, 2011

Questions from Plus Two Syllabi

What is hypertext?

How static webpage differs from dynamic webpage?

Which html tag is called anchor tag?

What is an applet?

How would you round off a value from 1.66 to 2.0?

Why java is called platform independent?

XML stands for________________

What is a byte code?

What is JIT?

FTP stands for ________________

What is a normalized relation?

PERL stands for _______________

What is Lynx?

SRC is the attribute of _________ tag.

In DHTML , D means_______

Write html code to display A2
+B2 = C4 in a webpage.

Name the protocol used to create email links

What will happen if in a C program you assign a value to an array element whose subscript exceeds the size of array?

Name the extension of VB Project files
By changing ______property, we can control the resizing behavior of form

What is a tuple?

Name the window in VB which contains names of files used in a project

What is cardinality?

option control in VB is also called _______

What is degree of a relation ?

BR tag is a ________ type of html tag.

What is DML and DDL?

Name the software used for viewing webpages.

What is encryption?

_______is the event of Timer Control

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