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IT Quiz

Q . Keyboard designed to reduce the risk of wrist and hand injuries.
1) ANSI Keyboard 2) Qwerty Keyboard 3)Ergonomic Keyboard 4) Virtual Keyboard

Q. Eudora is a
1) e-mail client 2) web editor 3) File compression utility 4)Anti Virus

Q. Unsolicited bulk emails received from unknown source are called
1) captcha 2) worms 3) Trojan 4) spam

4.Symbol used to represent ‘decision making ’ in a flowchart
1) Oval 2) Circle 3) parallelogram 4) Rhombus

5.Process of finding useful pattern from a huge database is known as
1) Redundancy 2)Data Mining 3)Data digging 4)Normalization

6. User defined tags are possible using

7. Table maintained by operating system to manage disk space used for file storage
1)FAT 2)space table 3)TAT 4)Index table

8. Symbol used to make an absolute reference to column in MS Excel
1)$ 2)@ 3)# 4)&

9. What does pixel means
1)Picture element 2)Storage unit 3)speed factor 4)None of these

10.SEO technics, attempt unfairly to redirect search results to a particular target page
1.Spoofing 2.Spamdexing 3.Optimizing 4.Querying

11.The terms SaaS and PaaS related to
1.Data Security 2.MS Office 3.Cloud computing 4.Artificial Intelligence

a. Richard Stalman
b. Henry Dunant
c. Pascal
d. John von neumann

Q? : Founder of the social networking website 'Facebook' 
a. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg
b. Henry Dunant
c. Pascal
d. John von neumann

9. Special programs which wrote for understanding the operation of the device it interfaces to, such as a printer, video card, sound card or CD ROM drive. 
(a) Operating System
(b) Software
(c) Firmware
(d) Driver

Q? Name associated with Open Source Program 
a. Pascal
b. Henry Dunant
c. Richard Stalman
d. John von neumann

Q? An internet protocol that allows quick file tarns-mission to remote computers is know as: 
(a) HTTP
(b) FI'P 
(c) TCP/IP
(d) ISP

Q. Protocol used to temporarily store new messages in your mailbox on an e-mail server is known as: 
(a) POP 
(b) SMTP
(c) TCP/IP 
(d) FTP 

Q. Company which maintains internet computers and telecommunications equipment in order to provide internet access to businesses, organisaations and individuals is called: 
(a) Internet Service Agency 
(b) ICAAN 
(c) Internet Service Provider 
(d) Web Hosting 

Q.The device that protects all computers in the net-work from many attacks is called: 
(a) Router
(b) Access Point
(c) Anti Virus Software
(d) Firewall 

Q. Free telephone-style conversations to travel over the internet to virtually anywhere in the world is known as: 
(a) Teleconference 
(b) Videoconference 
(c) Internet Telephony 
(d) Internet broadcasting

Q. The main routes that data travels over the interrnet is called: 
(a) Internet backbone 
(b) Firewall 
(c) Internet Router 
(d) Silicon Valley 

Q.An IT term refers to allowing someone to open web pages and see web sites on the internet. 
(a) Hacking
(b) Cracking
(c) Web Caching
(d) Web Surfing

Q. 1,024 gigabytes is equal to: 
(a) 1 kilobytes 
(b) 1 megabyte 
(c) 1 yottabyte 
(d) 1 terabyte 

Q. This type of memory would not lose its data when the computer lost power thus ensuring BIOS programs would always be available. What type of memory is referring here? 
(a) ROM 
(b) RAM
(c) Primary Memory
(d) Secondary Memory

Celeron was a brand name for a line of microprocessors introduced by:

A computer or devices on a network that manages network resources:

Microsoft powerpoint falls into the category of:
Presentation Software

SST stands for
Sequencing Symbol Table

The process of recognizing the lexical component in a source string is called

what is TCP/IP
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

The time gap during the failure of a computer sysystem is
Down Time

EBCDIC is the acronym for
Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

UPS stands for
Uninterrupted Power Supply

A set of 4 bit is called

A program written using binary codes is
Machine Language

The medium is used by input devices light pen for graphical input is

The pictorial representation of the procedure proposed to solve a problem by a program is called
Flow Chart

what is ANSI?
Americal National Standard Institute.

SMPS stands for
Switch Mode Power Supply
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