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Saturday, September 22, 2012

HSST Computer Science / Application 2012:Possible Answer Key : Q.No 76 to Q.No 100

78.Natural objects can be realistically modeled using: 
(A) Binary space partitioning tree  (B) Fractal Geometry 
(C) Octrees  (D) Constructive Solid Geometry 

79.Not a storage placement strategy for an incoming program/ data: 
(A) First Fit  (B) Average Fit  (C) Worst Fit  (D) Best Fit 

80.An attribute or set of attributes within one relation that matches the candidate key of some 
(possibly the same) relation: 
(A) Super key  (B) Candidate key (C) Primary key  (D)Foreign key 

81.A subset of data in a data warehouse in the forrn of summary data, related to a particular 
department or business function : 
(A) Meta Data  (B) Archive data 
(C) Data Marts  (D) Operational Data Store 

82.In an IP packet, header checksum computes: 
(A) l's complement sum of 16 bit words in the header without data field 
(B) 2' s complement sum of 16 bit words in the header without data field 
(C) l's complement sum of 16 bit words in the header including data field 
(D) 2' s complement sum of 16 bit words in the header including data field 

83.A TCP server must prepare to accept a connection attempt from a TCP client by calling the 
(A) connect ( ) 
(B) bind () 
(C) accept ( ) 
(D) listen ( ) 

84.Not a Bernstein's condition for two processes PI and P2 executing in parallel on input set 11 
and 12, producing output set a 1 and a 2 respectively. 

85.The normalization of 1 N F relations to 2N F involves: 
(A) Removal of partial dependencies 
(B) Removal of full dependencies 
(C) Removal of transitive dependencies 
(D) Removal of multi-valued dependencies 

86.The technique used for dimensionality reduction of original data: 
(A) Discrete Wavelet transform  (B) Principal Component Analysis 
(C) Both (A) and (B)  (D) Neither (A) nor (B) 

87.The technique used for producing color displays with random scan CRT monitors: 
(A) Beam Penetration  (B) Shadow Mask 
(C) Direct View Storage  (D) Gas - Discharge 

88.An objective measure of pattern interestingness in data mining: 
(A) Support rule  (B) Confidence rule 
(C) Both (A) and (B)  (D) Neither (A) nor (B) 

89. DHCP stands for: 
(A) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 
(B) Dynamic Host Control Protocol 
(C) Dynamic Heap Control Protocol 
(D) Dynamic Heap Configuration Protocol 

90.A static member function can have access to : 
(A) Static functions in the same class (B) Static members in the same class 
(C) Static members of other classes (D) Public functions of the same class 

91.Hidden terminals in a wireless network may cause: 
(A) Delay  (B) Collisions 
(C) Drain of battery charge  (D) Reduction of Signal Strength 

92.IC 80287 is : 
(A) Graphics Processor
(B) Microprocessor 
(C) Micro-controller
(D) Co-processor

93. The maximum size of main memory of a computer is determined by:
(A) Operating System (B) Address Bus
(C) Data Bus (D) Chipset

In computer terminology, POST stands for: 
(A) Power Operating System (B) 
Push Pop Stack (C) Power On Self Test (D) 
Power Storage

95.SaaS is a popular term in the field of :
(A) Datamining (B) Bioinformatics
(C) Information Security (D) Cloud Computing

96. Not an assembler directive
(D) DB

97.In a CDMA system, a code for a certain system should have: 
(A) Good auto correlation with other codes 
(B) Orthogonality to other codes 
(C) High standard deviation 
(D) Both (A) and (B) 

98. 1 Kilo Bytes refers to : 

(A) 1000 Bytes (B) 1024 Bytes  (C) 8000 Bytes (D) 8192 Bytes 

99.Tuple in relational algebra refers to : 
(A) Row (B) Column  (C) Table (D) Relation 

100. A ternary operator in C++ 
(A) ?:  (B) ||  (C):: (D).* 

HSST Computer Science / Application 2012:Possible Answer Key : Q.No 51 to Q.No 75

51.A point to point link that supports data flowing in only one direction at a time:
(A) Simplex link  (B) Half Duplex link (C) Full duplex link (D) Leased Line

52.A networking device used to connect similar types of LANs :
(A) Bridge  (B) Repeater  (C) Hub (D) MODEM

53. A SIM card contain:
(A) Personal Identification Number
(B) International Mobile Subscriber Identity
(C) Authentication key
(D) All of these

55. IC 74 LS 138 is a : 
(A) NOR gate 
(B) Decoder 
(C) Latch 
(D) Tri-state Buffer 

56. Binary search algorithm employs the strategy of: 
(A) Divide and Conquer technique 
(B) Dynamic Programming 
(C) Branch & Bound technique 
(D) Greedy Strategy 

57. Dangling - else ambiguity can be eliminated by: 
(A) Matching else with nearest if 
(B) Matching else with unmatched if 
(C) Removing last occurrence of else 
(D) Matching else with nearest unmatched if 

58.Among the following, a representation that can be used for designing a system as a collection 
of procedures or modules: 
(A) Data flow diagrams 
(B) Activity Chart 
(C) Flow chart 
(D) E R Modelling 

59. In C++, the following statements causes: 
# include  
int main ( )
int x = 10, Y = 5 ; 
int* p=& x; 
int* q = & Y ; 
delete (p) ; 
return (0) ; 

(A) P - a dangling reference 
(B) q - a dangling reference
(C) Both p and q as dangling references 
(D) None of these 

60. Conversion from one data type to another data type, inserted automatically by a programming 
(A) . Polymorphism  (B) Coercion 
(C) Auto Binding  (D) Dynamic Binding 

61.The process of testing individual components in a software: 
(A) Interface Testing  (B) Partition Testing 
(C) Unit Testing  (D) Structural Testing 

62. In C++, the operator which cannot be overloaded: 
(A) Bitwise & operator  (B) Assignment operator 
(C) = = operator  (D) :: operator 

63.A solution to external fragmentation: 
(A) Segmentation (B) Compaction 
(C) Swapping (D) Thrashing 

64. A type of inheritance in which the property of one class is inherited by more than one class 
(A) Hybrid Inheritance  (B) Hierarchical Inheritance 
(C) Multilevel Inheritance  (D) Multiple Inheritance 

65. The worst case time complexity of merge sort algorithm for input size n : 
(A) O (n)  (B) O (n^2)  (C)O (log n)  (D) O(n log n) 

66.A full adder circuit with x, y and z as input bits produces an output, the binary sum 
represented by : 
(A) x+y+z  (B)   (C)  (D) xy+xz+yz 

67.If a variable is declared as register type, then the operator that cannot be applied to it : 
(A) Unary &  (B) Unary -  (C) Binary &  (D) Binary- 

69. What would be the output of the following C program
# include  stdio.h
main ()
int x =1;
while (x < = 1);
printf ("Good Morning");
- - x ;
(A) Good Morning
(B) Good Morning infinite times
(C) Blank Display 
(D) Syntax Error

70. In a compiler, the task of scanning the source code, to recognize and classify various elements
is known as:
(A) Code Optimization  (B) Syntactic Analysis
(C) Lexical Analysis  (D) Semantic Analysis

71.Time Complexity of Prim's minimum spanning tree algorithm is:
(A)O (n)  (B) O (log n)  (C) O (n log n)  (D) O (n2)

72.A fact in prolog is a special case of a :
(A) Query  (B) Rule (C) Term (D) Goal

73.Grammars that can be translated to DFAs :
(A) Left linear grammar  (B) Right linear grammar
(C) Generic grammar  (D) All of these

74.An example of a compiler - complier is:

75.A relation R on a set X is said to be a partial ordering if R is:
(A) Reflexive, Symmetric, Transitive
(B) Reflexive, Symmetric, Non-Transitive
(C) Reflexive, Anti - Symmetric, Transitive
(D) Reflexive, Anti - Symmetric, Non, Transitive

HSST Computer Science/Application 2012:Possible Answer Key : Q.No 25 to QNo 50

26. Not an Anti-virus software: 
(A) McAfee  (B) Norton (C) AVG  (D) TROJAN

27. The following IP address format refers to: 
D31  D30    D29      D28-D8                       D7-DO 
   1             1         0           NETWORK                 HOST
(A) Class A addresses  (B) Class B addresses 
(C) Class C addresses  (D) Class D addresses 

28.In C++, a pointer that is automatically being passed to a member function during its 
invocation is : 
(A) Base pointer (B) Derived pointer (C) Virtual pointer (D) this pointer

29.With QBE, inserting records from one or more source tables into a single target table can be 
achieved by : 
(A) Append action query (B) Update action query 
(C) Insert action query    (D) Make table action query 

30. Not an example of a network debugging utility : 
(A) ping  (B) nslookup  (C) traceroute (D) telnet
nslookup => to chek domain name system => why is this used for debugging. To check whether a domain name exist that you bought?

31.A security protocol for personal emails : 
 (A) SSL  (B) PGP (C) RSA (D) Kerberos 
PGP => pretty good privacy
Note: SSL = secure socket layer => its also widely used for secure transaction especially credit debit cards. => Remember any site that use https is using SSL which means gmail like mail system also use SSL => SSL plays role in email transaction =>So answer can be PGP or SSL

32.If f and g are functions, then f(n) = e (g(n)) if : 
(A) f (n) = 0 (g(n))  (B) f (n) =11 (g(n)) 
(C) f (n) = 0 (g(n)) or f (n) = 11 (g(n))  (D) f (n) = 0 (g(n)) and f (n) = 11 (g(n)) 

33.Simplified form of the Boolean expression Y = A' B C' D' + ABC' D' + A' BCD' + ABCD' 
is : 
(A) C' D' 
(B) CD' 
(C) BD' 
(D) B C' 

34.The postfix form of the expression (A + B) * C - D / E is : 
(A) AB + C* D E/ -  (B) A B C* + D Ej- 
(C) ABC D E + * - /  (D) A B + C* D E - j 

35.When a process is accessing shared modifiable data, the process is said to be in : 
(A) Dead lock  (B) Critical Section 
(C) Multitasking  (D) Context Switching 

36.The first MPI function call made by every MPI process is the call to: 
(A) MPLMain ()  (B) MPL Wtick() 
(C) MPL Init ( )  (D) MPLBcast ( ) 

37.The output generated by the following C program does not include the value: 
# include  
main () 
{ intn=3; 
while (n>1) 
{if «n % 2) !=1) 
else n=3* n + 1; 
printf ( " % d ", n) ; } 

(A) 5  (B) 6  (C) 8  (D)12

38. Boundary value analysis is a method for: 
(A) White box testing  (B) Black box testing 
(C) Structural testing  (D) Mutation testing

39.Dijkstra's Banker's algorithm is used for: 
(A) Deadlock Prevention  (B) Deadlock Detection 
(C) Deadlock Recovery  (D) Deadlock Avoidance 

40. -, (p v q) == -, P /\ -, q is a famous law in logic known as : 
(A) Euclidian Law  (B) Karnaugh Law 
(C) Turing's Law  (D) De Morgan's Law 

41.The language accepted by a Push down Automata: 
(A) Type 0  (B) Type 1  (C) Type 2 (D) Type 3 

42. In parallel algorithm design, the process of grouping tasks into larger tasks in order to improve performance : 
(A) Agglomeration  (B) Domain Decomposition 
(C) Mapping  (D) None of these 
=> grouping small tasks into larger task

43. A system call in Linux operating system to create a new child process, which is a copy of the 
parent process : 
(A) access  (B) fork  (C) flock  (D) exec 

44.A preemptive type of process scheduling strategy : 
(A) Highest Response Ratio Next Scheduling 
(B) Shortest Job First Scheduling 
(C) First in First out Scheduling 
(D) Shortest Remaining Time Next Scheduling 
 It can be higest response next or shortest remaining time next => premeptive version means scheduler will stop abruptly and switch to next process based on some criteria.

45. The type of geometric transformation applied to an object for repositioning it along a straight 
line path from one location to another: 
(A) Scaling  (B) Rotation  (C) Translation  (D) Reflection 

46.Vignere Cipher is a kind of : 
(A) Stream Cipher 
(B) Mono alphabetic Cipher 
(C) Poly alphabetic Cipher 
(D) Block Cipher 

47. Recursive Descent Parsers are a type of : 
(A) L L parsers  (B) L R parsers 
(C) L A L R parsers (D) S L R parsers 

48. The approach used for requirements elicitation in software design and development 
(A) View Points  (B) Interview  (C) Use - Cases  (D) All of these 

49.The output generated by the following C program
# include  
int Update (int x)
static int y = 10;
y + = x;
return (y) ;

main ()
int a, count;
for (count =0 ; count < 3; ++ count)
a = Update (count) ;
printf ( "% d ", a);

(A) 10 11 12
(C) 0 1 3
(B) 10 11 13
(D) Compilation Error

50. Area on earth where signals of a satellite can be received:
(A) Foot- print  (B) Coverage  (C) Range (D) Vicinity 

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HSST Computer Science / Application 2012:Possible Answer Key : Q.No 1 to Q.No 25

1.A document preparation software
Ref :

2.A technique in which system resources are shared among multiple users:
(A) Multiplexing (B) Demultiplexing (C) Modulation (D) Demodulation

3. Interaction modelling cannot be done using:
(A) State Diagrams  (B) Use - Cases
(C) Sequence Diagrams (D) Activity Diagrams

4.The number of bits that can be transmitted over a networ in a certain period 0/ ime.
(A) Latency (B) Delay (C) Bandwidth (D) Baud
Note : baud is right (bits / sec => bits/unit time,
bandwidth = range frequencies in a band

5. Which of these is not a mark up language?
Note:XGML. => no such language

6. A network topology that combines features of linear- bus and star topology :
(A) Mesh (B) Ring (C)Tree (D) Cube

7.If language L={O,l}*, then the reversed language L^ R  =
(A) {O, 1}* (B) {} (C) {O}* (D) {1}*
{0,1}*  as it can give 01011 and also 11010

8.In Linux, the subdirectory that contains system configuration files including user
(A) /boot (B) /usr (C) /etc  (D) /proc

9.SQL command to delete a column from an existing table:
(A) Alter table (B) Drop table (C) Delete table (D) Delete column

10.A technique not associated with data mining:
(A) Predictive Modeling (B) Link Analysis
(C) Database Segmentation (D) Dimensionality Modeling
Note : Database segmentation. IT cannot be dimensioanlity modelling as it is connected with data mining and data warehousing. Dimensional Modeling refers to the technique used to design logical models for database which can support OLAP and Data Warehousing

11. Memory bank experiencing too much contention from processor:
(A) Fan -in (B) Hot-spot (C) Thrash (D) Fan-out
thrashing => excessive hitting with no progress

12.The number of nodes in a complete binary tree of height n :
(A) 2^(n-1)_1 (B) 2^(n-1)+1 (C) 2^(n+1)_1 (D) 2^(n+1) +1

13.The science and art of breaking ciphers.
(A) Cryptography  (B) Steganography (C) Cryptanalysis  (D) Steganalyis
Ref :

14. A raster scan display system with 24 bits per pixel and a screen resolution of 1024xl024 requires a frame buffer of size. 
(A) 1 Mega Bytes (B) 3 Mega Bytes (C) 8 Mega Bytes (D) 24 Mega Bytes 
Note : 24 megabyes => 1024x1024 => that much number of pixels and each pixel takes 24 bits => 1024x1024x24 = total number of bits => divided by 1024 = kbs again divided by 1024 = mbs => answer is 24. its not 3 .

15.Not a parallel programming language. 
(A) C· (B) SEQUENT C (C) nCube C (D) C+ + 

16. Process of mapping a network interface IP address to its hardware address: 
ARP => IP to MAC

17. For the following sample database table staff : 

Staff no Name Designa tion Branch Salary   
SL21 John Assistant B003 30000   
SG37 Ann Supervisor B007 42000   
SL25 Julie Assistant B007 32000   
SL52 Susan Manager BQ03 51000   
SG10 David Manager B004 47000  
the SQL query : SELECT COUNT (Staff no) AS mycount, SUM (Salary) AS mysum 
FROM Staff  WHERE Designation = 'Manager'      returns the result 

(A) mycount = 2, mysal = 47000 
(B) mycouht = 2, mysal = 98000  ( correction :  its not mysal its mysum )
(C) mycount = 5, mysal = 47000 
(D) mycount = 5, mysal = 98000 

18.Linux partitions are created using the file system: 
(A) FAT (B) FAT32 (C) EXT3 (D) NTFS

19. The local area network technology used in Ethernet 

20. Data abstraction means : 
(A) Objects of one class acquire properties of object of another class 
(B) Insulation of data from direct access by programs 
(C) Code associated with a procedure call is not known until run time 
(D)Putting together essential features without including background details 

21.A hardware interface that allows for the connection of several peripheral devices to a single 
PCI board. 
(C) ATA 
(D) PCI 
PCI => Peripjeral computer interface = onboard ports to connect multiple devices

22.If n represents the dimension of cube and k, the radix (no. of nodes along each dimensions) 
then the number of nodes N of a k-ary n-cube network is : 
(A) N=n^k (B) N=logkn (C) N=lognk (D) N=k^n 

23. The output generated by the following C program: 
# include < stdio.h> 
main 0 
int v=3; 
int * pv; 
pv = & v; 
* pv = 0; 
printf (" * pv = %d v= %d ", * pv, v); 

(A) *pv = 0 v= 0 
(C) *pv = 3 v= 3 
(B) *pv = 0 v= 3 
(D) *pv = 3 v= a 

24.A famous technique used in data warehousing: 

25. The environment variable in Linux, that contain a list of directories the shell automatically 
(A) $ PATH 
(B) $ ENV 
(C) $ USER 
(D) $ GREP 

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Result of UGC NET held on 24th June 2012 Published

ON 24TH JUNE 2012.  

Download link 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Multi programming Vs Multi Tasking

The terms Multi programming and Multi Tasking is the most confusing definition in Operating System .Actually what is the difference between these two ? Can you have any valid example.

Please have a comment on this .

Monday, September 10, 2012

What is Phishing ?

Phishing is attempting to acquire information (and sometimes, indirectly, money) such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

HSST Solved Questions for 2012 Exam Republished

HSST Examination 2011 Expected Answer Key(Category No:111/2010)
Exam held on 01/09/2011

Correct Answers 

Unsure answers.

In C language an user defined header is identified by the inclusion :
(A) # include "test.h"
(B) # include < test.h >
(C) include "test.h"
(D)None of these

2. Number of locations that could be addressed by a microprocessor with 12
address lines is :
(B) 64K
(C) 4096
(D) 2048

3. Number of bit width of any memory chip is :
(A) 16
(B) 64
(C) 32
(D) 8

4. The command that lists the last few lines from a file name "file"
(A) tail file
(B) end file
(C) grep file
(D) cat file -last25
5. The percentage of time that a computer system is not available for use is :
(A) Down Time
(B) Seek Time
(C) Delay Time
(D) Access Time

6. By the thread of the same process, sharing is not allowed in :
(A) queue
(B) message
(C) stack
(D) address space

7. How to declare an interface class in C++ ?
(A) by declare all methods pure virtual in a class
(B) make all metods abstract in a class
(C) declare the class as interface
(D) none of the above

8. Which device translates between data formats ?
(A) Hub
(B) Switch
(C) Bridge
(D) Gateways

9. In a relation is in BCNF then it is in :
(A) 2NF
(B) 3NF
(C) 1NF
(D) 1NF and 2NF

10. Minimum Hamming distance method is used for correction of :
(A)syntactic error
(B) semantic errors
(C) algorithm errors
(D) programming errors.
11. Full Binary tree with n leaves contain
(A)n nodes
(B)2n-1 nodes
(C)n-1 nodes
(D)log n nodes

12. What is not possible in a thread?

13. The margin of a word document can be displayed on the horizontal or
vertical ruler with the mouse and the:
(A)FONT SIZE button
(B)ALT Key

14. The 2's complement of the binary value 10 is
15. The property that OOPs will permit the same operation to be carried out
differently, based on the object
(C)function overloading
(D)data abstraction

16. The IP address is named as
(A)Loopback address
(B)IP address in a standard network
(C)LAN server address
(D)Default router address
17. The Virtual Memory is located logically:
(A) in the CPU
(B) in main Memory
(C) in between CPU and primary memory
(D) in the Hard disk

18. The Banker's algorithm in resource allocation deals with':
(A) Dead lock prevention
(B) Dead lock recovery
(C) Dead lock avoidance
(D) Mutual exclusion
Ref: P-256, Operating System Concepts,Silberschatz-Galvin-Gagne

19. Thrashing occurs in:
(A) large computers
(B) a natural consequence of the virtual memory system
(C) can always be avoided by swapping
(D) poor paging algorithm 
Ref: P-348, Operating System Concepts,Silberschatz-Galvin-Gagne
20. Compilers can identify:
(A) syntax errors
(B) semantic errors
(C) logical errors
(D) mathematical errors

21. What was the first Scientific Computer Programming Language?

22. Which is the first Object Oriented Language?
Really Simula is considered as the first Object Oriented Language .Ref:

23. Producer consumer problem is example for application of:
(A) Monitors
(B) For Monitors, Semaphores and Event counters
(C) Semaphores
(D) Event counters

24. What was the data transmission method in which bi-directional data flow
is allowed?
(A) Simplex
(B) Duplex
(C) Analog
(D) Single side mode
25. Yahoo was developed by :
(A) Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson
(B) Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn
(C) David Filo and Jerry Yang
(D) Steve Case and Jeff Bezos

26.Resolution of Video display unit does not depend on:
(A) Raster scan rate
(B) Band width
(C) Vertical and horizontal Scans
(D) Screen size

27.Resolution of Video display unit does not depend on:
(A) Raster scan rate
(B) Band width
(C) Vertical and horizontal Scans
(D) Screen size

28. The true statement for parallel transmission is :
(A) simultaneous transmission of all bits
(B) speed is specified in bps
(C) slower than serial
(D) micro computers use this

29. Gray code for the decimal number 7 is :
(A) 0111
(B) 0100
(C) 0101

30. Evaluate the pre-fix expression -*63-41 will result in :
(A) 25
(B) 23
(C) 15
(D) 12
3l. Error correction in the data link layer is achieved by:
(A) Equalization
(B)Cyclic redundancy codes
(C) Hamming codes
(D) Bit stuffing
Ref: Page-223, Computer Fundamentals,P.K. Sinha
32. The system program that set up executable program in RAM, ready for
execution is :
(A) Loader 
(B) Linker
(C) Linkage editor
(D) Compiler ,

33. File transfer protocol that uses UDP is :
Ref: P-505, Internet Working with TCP/IP, D. Comer

34. To check the presence of a computer in the network,use the command:
(A) ping
(B) cmd
(C) check
(D) ipconfig
Ref: P-133, Internet Working with TCP/IP, D. Comer

35. In cryptology the code STUDYING is written as RUTEXJMH, then the
code for OTHER is :
36. The Number of the equivalent relations of the set {1,2,3,4} is :
(A) 4
(B) 15
(C) 16
(D) 24

37. Which of the sets are empty?
(A) { x : x = / x}
(B) {x:x=x}
(D) {x:x =/ xx}
(C) {x:x=/x2}

38. In any undirected graph, the sum of the degrees of all nodes is :
(A) must be even
(B) is always ODD
(C) need not be even
(D) is twice number of edges
Ref: Common sense. Twice indicate the number will even. But ‘0’ is an
exception. Then choice (c) is true.

39. An undirected graph is Eulerian if and only if all vertices of G are of the
sum of the degrees of all nodes is :
(A) Same degree
(B) ODD degree
(C) Need not be ODD
(D) Is twice number of edges

40. An undirected graph G has n vertices n - 1 edges then G is :
(A) Cyclic
(B) Addition of edge will make it cyclic
(C) Eulerian
(D) Is a Tree

41.Graph having every pair of vertices connected is called :
(A) Cycle graph
(B) Complete graph
(C) Peterson graph
(D) Is a Tree
42. The Eigen vectors of a real symmetric matrix corresponding to different
Eigen values are:
(A) Orthogonal matrix
(B) Singular matrix
(C) Non-singular matrix
(D) Inverse matrix

43. The system of equations 4x + 6y = 8, 3x + 2y = 1, 7x + 8y = 9 has:
(A) only one solution
(B) infinite solutions
(C) two solutions
(D) none of these

44. The Eigen values of the square matrix are:
(A) positive
(B) imaginary
(C) real
(D) negative

45. The Equations will have:
(A) no unique solution
(B) only one solution
(C) has only two solutions
(D) has infinite

46.Which is fastest ?

47.Which is commutative but not associative?
48. Which is Universal gate?

49. How many NAND gates are needed to perform X . Y ?
(A) 3
(B) 4
(C) 2
(D) 1

50. Which is non-volatile?

51. Which is the access method to take data from tape memory?
(A) Direct
(B) Sequential
(C) Parallel
(D) Serial
Ref: Page-84, Computer Fundamentals, P.K. Sinha.

52. The cycle time for a memory system is :
(A) access time
(B) longer than access time
(C) less than access time
(D) sub multiple of access time
53. How many RAM chips are needed to generate the (256K X 1 bit)?
(A) 8
(B) 12
(C) 32
(D) 64

54. T flip-flops are generally used for:
(A) counter
(B) delay switch
(C) counter and frequency divider
(D) decoder

55. Register used as working area in CPU is:
(A) Program counter
(B) Stack,
(C) Instruction register
(D) Accumulator 

56. A microprocessor can be :
(A) Programmable
(B) Non Programmable
(C) Micro programmable
(D) All of the above

57. Which is 16 bit microprocessor?
(A) Z 80
(B) Motorola 6800
(C) Intel 8086
(D) Intel 80486
58. "n" flip-flops will divide the frequency into a factor of :
(A) n
(B) 1/n
(C) 2 to the power of' n '
(D) log(n)

59. 8 2 4 1 is the :
(A) BCD code
(B) Gray code
(C) Excess -3 code
(D) ASCII code

60. (1001000010011001) base 2; equivalent in base 16 is :
(A) 9899
(B) 9989
(C) 8999
(D) 9999

61.Which is a programmable interval timer?
(A) 8253
(B) NE 555
(C) 8275
(D) 8251

62. Negative number cannot be represented in:
(A) Signed magnitude form
(B) 1's complement form
(C) 2's complement form
(D) None of the above forms

63.Which of the following interrupt is both level and edge sensitive?
(A) RST 5.5
(D) RST 7.5
64. What is a BUFFER?
(A) Convert input data to output
(B) CPU stores program counter
(C) An Interphase between CPU and peripheral
(D) Convert program to EXE form

65. By default any real number in C is represented as :
(A) a float
(B) a double
(C) a long double
(D) long float

66. Integer division in "C" program results in :
(A) Truncation
(B) Rounding
(C) Overflow
(D) None of above
Ref: P-48,Programming in ANSI C, E. Balagurusamy.

67.The function sprintf() works like printf(), but operates on:
(A) data in a file
(B) stderr
(C) stdin
(D) string 

68. The function exit( ) causes an exit from:
(A) from loop .
(B) from the block
(C) from the function
(D) from program 
Ref :
69. The complexity of linear search algorithm of an array of n elements is :
(A) 0 log(n)
(B) 0 (n)
(C) Onlog(n)
(D) O(nXn)

70. How many elements can array A (-1..m ,1..m) have?
(A) mXm
(B)(m + l)(m + 1)
(C) mX(m-1)
(D)((m - n)Xn)

71. Which is useful to implement quick sort?
(A) List
(B) Set
(C) Stack
(D) Queue

72. Recursively enumerable languages are closed under:
(A) Union
(B) Intersection
(C) Complementation
(D) Concatenation 

73. The Grammar that produce more than one Parse tree for same sentence is :
(A) Ambiguous
(B) Unambiguous
(C) Complementation
(D) Concatenation Intersection

74. The number of the external states of a Turing Machine should be at least:
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4
75. Give name of the database in the general model of a compiler:
(A) Literal table
(B) Terminal table
(D) Productions

76. A file is :
(A) an abstract data type
(B) logical storage unit
(C)usually non volatile
(D) volatile

77. What property of the files prevent sharing of files and directories?
(A)Tree Structure
(B) One level.structure
(C) Two level structure
(D) Length

78. E-R modeling technique is :
(A) Tree structure
(B) Top-down method
(C) Bottom-up method
(D) Right-left approach

79. Data items stored as grouped items is :
(A) Record
(B) List
(C) Strings
(D) Title list

80. Data items are fragmented, replicated and propagated in :
8l. In data manipulation the first element of T[5] is :
(A) T[l]
(B) T[O]
(C) T[5]
(D) T[3]

82 . Processed data is called:
(A) Data base
(B) File
(C) Information
(D) Sample

83 . Which factor of coding is most important?
(A) Productivity
(B) Cost
(C) Readability
(D) Less memory usage

84. Main container for < TR > < TD > and < TH > is':
(A)< TABLE >
(B)< GROUP >
(C)< DATA >

85. Which of the following is the non-polling system?
(A) Stop and wait
(B) Daisy chain

86. What is the working Principle of a Digital Computer?
(A) De Morgan's Principle
(B) Len's Principle
(C) Von Neumann's Principle
(D) Euler's Principle
87. Give the unique name of the combination of Analog and Digital
(A) Cray XMP 120 Computer
(B) Param 2000 Computer
(C) IBM 320 Computer
(D) Hybrid Computer
Ref: Page-237, Computer Fundamentals, P.K. Sinha.

88. Why RAM is kept near to the Processor in a Digital Computer?
(A) Reduce the cost
(B) Get maximum speed
(C) To minimize memory access time
(D) Increase frequency

89. Who designed the First Digital computer using the Binary system?
(A) Blaise Pascal
(B) Agutha Ada
(C) Isaac Newton
(D) Dr. Sakunthala Devi

90. Give the name of the first Operating system for Personal Computers:
(B)Windows 3.2
(C) CP/M 
(D) Disk Operating System

91. Which of the following preposition is a tautology?
(A) pvq->p
(B) p->(q->p)
(C) pv(q->p )
(D) None of these

92. p -> q -> r is equivalent to :
(A) p -> q -> r
(B) p ->( q -> r)
(C) pv(q-> r)
(D) None of These
93. Why do we go for Normalization of Data Bases?
(A) To avoid the repetitions
(B) To prevent fragmentation
(C) Avoid redundancy
(D) To prevent replication

94. Name the component carrying the ALU and Control Unit in Digital
(A) Microprocessors
(B) Nano chips
(D) Hybrid Computer 

95. Give the name of the Linear list in which elements can be added at ends
but not in the /middle:
(A) Array
(B) Queue 
(C) Tree
(D) Circular Queue

96.The switching sed in First generation computer were :
(A) Transistors
(B) SSI chips
(C) VLSI Ghips
(D) Vacuum Tubes

97. The automaton accepting the regular expression of any number of a's is :
(A) a* 
(C) (a/b)*

98.Flip-flop is the basic structure of the device
(A) Hard disk
(B) Memory
(C) Cells
(D) Speakers

99. In C language data type of "3" is :
(A) an integer
(B) a word
(C) a character
(D) a digit

100. If every node "a" in a graph G is adjacent to every node "b" in G, then
the graph is ;
(A) Isolated graph
(B) Connected graph 
(C) Eulerian graph
(D) Complete graph