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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell to 2011 & Welcome 2012

Wish You & Yours a Very Happier and Prosperous New Year...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A piece of technology could help a new generation discover how to program computers.

Friday, December 23, 2011

What is Google Doodle ?

The holiday Google Doodle has arrived. Call it an early Christmas present -- complete with interactive flashing lights and the tune “Jingle Bell"

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What is Geotagging ?

Geotagging (also written as GeoTagging) is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as a geotagged photograph or video, websites, SMS messages, QR Codes or RSS feeds and is a form of geospatial metadata. These data usually consist of latitude and longitude coordinates, though they can also include altitude, bearing, distance, accuracy data, and place names.

Geotagging can help users find a wide variety of location-specific information.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Quiz on Information Technology

Posted: 04 Dec 2011 08:24 PM PST
1. Java programming language developed by
A. James Gosling

2. Java is initially called as
A. Oak

3. JVM stands for
A. Java Virtual Machine

4. After compilation of Java Code we get
A. Byte Code

5. Java is most popular web development tool because of its
A. Platform Independence
Posted: 04 Dec 2011 07:38 PM PST
1. Linux OS developed by
A. Linus Torvald ( Finland )

2. Debian , Fedora and  Suse are
A. Linux Distributions

3. eg.s of Linux Desktop environment are

4. Image Retouching and editing tool in Linux

5.Founder of GNU Project
A. Richard Stallman

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Posted: 04 Dec 2011 07:14 PM PST
1. Founders of Apple Computer , Inc
A. Steve Jobs , Steve Wozniak , Ronald Wayne

2.Apple Computer , Inc is established on
A. April1, 1976

3. Head Quarter is located at
A. Cupertino, California

4. First PC introduced by Apple
A. Apple I

5. C.E.O of Apple Computers
A. Tim Cook

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Posted: 04 Dec 2011 05:27 PM PST
1. First Super Computer designed by
A. Seymour Cray

2.Fastest Super Computer in the world
A. K Computer ( Fujitsu , Japan )

3. Processing techniques used in Super Computer
A. Parallel Processing

4. Speed of Super Computer is measured in
A. FLOPS(FLoating Point Operations Per Second)

5. worlds fastest supercomputer K Computer at
A. 10.51 peta FLOPS

Saturday, December 3, 2011

IT Quiz Questions 2011 - 12

Posted: 03 Dec 2011 05:48 AM PST
1. What W3C stands for?

A.World Wide Web Consortium

2. Director of W3C ?

A.Tim Berners-Lee

3. Inventor of WWW?

A. Tim Berners Lee

4. Software used for viewing webpages are called ?

A. Web Browser

5. Name the Browser developed by Apple ?

A . Safari

IT Quiz for School Students
Posted: 03 Dec 2011 05:22 AM PST domain went online in ..?
2.Which year Google acquired ?
A. Feb 2003
3. Google advertisement program ?
A. Adwords
4. Google ads publisher program ?
A. Adsense
5. Search algorithm employed in google search engine ?
A. Page Rank Algorithm
Posted: 02 Dec 2011 05:47 PM PST
1. Mobile operating system developed by google?
A. Android

2. What the word 'Wiki' Stands in Wikipedia?
A. Quick

3. Who is the father of computer Science?
A. Alen Turing

4. Award known as 'Nobel Prize ' in Computer Science
A. Turing Award

5. Founder of Wiki Leaks
A. Julian Asange.

6. New Operating System from Apple
A. Lion

7. Father of Artificial Intelligence?
A. John Mcarthy

8. Bing is the search engine developed by
A. Microsoft

9. In Which year first email was sent ?
A. 1971

10. Who invented Difference Engine
A. Charles Babbage