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Monday, August 1, 2011

Important Notes on Software Engineering

Q. Define Software Engineering
The establishment and use of sound engineering principles in order to obtain economically software that is reliable and works efficiently on real machines.

Q. Differentiate Software engineering methods, tools and procedures.
Methods: Broad array of tasks like project planning, cost estimation etc..
Tools: Automated or semi automated support for methods.
Procedures : Holds the methods and tools together. It enables the timely development of
computer software.

Q. Write the disadvantages of classic life cycle model.
Disadvantages of classic life cycle model :
(i) Real projects rarely follow sequential flow. Iteration always occurs and creates problem.
(ii) Difficult for the customer to state all requirements
(iii) Working version of the program is not available. So the customer must have patience.

Q. What do you mean by task set in spiral Model?
Each of the regions in the spiral model is populated by a set of work tasks called a task set that are adopted to the characteristics of the project to be undertaken.

Q. What is the main objective of Win-Win Spiral Model?
The customer and the developer enter into the process of negotiation where the customer may be asked to balance functionality ,performance and other product against cost and time to market.

Q. Which of the software engineering paradigms would be most effective? Why?
Incremental / Spiral model will be most effective.
(i) It combines linear sequential model with iterative nature of prototyping
(ii) Focuses on delivery of product at each increment
(iii)Can be planned to manage technical risks.

Q. Write the objective of project planning ?
It is to provide a framework that enables the manager to make reasonable estimates of resources, cost and schedule.

Q. Write a short note on 4GT.
Fourth Generation Technique. 4GT encompasses a broad array of software tools. Each tool enables the software developer to specify some characteristics of software at a higher level.

Q. What is LOC ? How it is used for project estimation?
LOC : Lines of Code. It is used as estimation variable to size each element of the software. It requires considerable level of detail..

Q. Write the formula to calculate the effort in persons-months used in Dynamic multi variable Model?
Software Equation :E=[LOC * B0.333/P]3 *(1/t4) Where E is effort in person-months, t is project duration, B is special skills factor, P is productivity parameter.

Q. What are the two project scheduling methods ?
PERT- Program Evaluation and Review Techniques
CPM- Critical Path Method

Q. What is RMMM?
Risk Mitigation, Monitoring and Management Plan. It is also called Risk Aversion.

Q. List the tools or methods available for rapid prototyping.
Rapid prototyping (Speed)
(i) 4GT
(ii) Resuable software components
(iii) Formal specification and prototyping environments.

Q. What is the need for modularity ?
Need for modularity: Easier to solve a complex problem. Can achieve reusability. Best effort and complexity reduces.

Q. What is Software Architecture?
The overall structure of the software and the ways in which that software provides conceptual integrity for the system.

Q. What are the models are used for Architectural design?
Structural models
Framework models
Dynamic models
Process models
Functional models

Q. What is cohesion?
It is a measure of the relative functional strength of a module. (Binding)

Q. What is Coupling?
Measure of the relative interdependence among modules.
(Measure of interconnection among modules in a software structure.)

Q. Define Stamp coupling.
When a portion of the data structure is passed via the module interface , then it called stamp coupling.

Q. Define common coupling.
When a number of modules reference a global data area, then the coupling is called common coupling.

Q. What is  Real Time Systems.
It provides specified amount of computation with in fixed time intervals. RTS sense and control external devices, respond to external events and share processing time between tasks.

Q.Define Distributed system .
It consists of a collection of nearly autonomous processors that communicate to achieve a coherent computing system.

Q. What are the contents of HIPO diagrams?
Visual table of contents, set of overview diagrams, set of detail diagrams.

Q. What are the aspects of software reuse.
Software development with reuse
Software development for reuse
Generator based reuse
Application system reuse

Q. What is CASE ?
CASE : Computer Aided Software Engineering
CASE provides the engineer with the ability to automate manual activities and to improve engineering

Q. Define CASE Tools.
CASE Tools :
• Computer Aided Software Engineering
• It is a System software
• Provide Automated support for software process activities
• Includes program used to support software process activities
• Such as Requirement Analysis, System Modeling, Debugging and Testing

Q. How do we define Software Quality?
Software Quality :
• Conformance to explicitly stated functional and performance requirements, explicitly documented
development standards
• Implicit characteristics, expected for professional developed software

Q. What are the Factors of Software Quality?
Factors of Software Quality :
• Portability
• Usability
• Reusability
• Correctness
• Maintainability

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