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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Operating System Notes based on the Text book by Silberschatz and Galvin

Kernel : One program running at all times on the computer.

TAT ( Turn Around Time ) : The delay between job submission and job completion.

Spooling :  Simultaneous peripheral operations online . It allows the CPU to overlap the input of one job with the computation and output of other jobs.

Batch System : Allows automatic job sequencing by a resident operating system thus improves over all utilization of the computer.

Multiprogramming : Several jobs are kept in memory at one time, the CPU is switched back and forth among them to increase CPU utilization and decrease the total needed execution time.

Time Shared OS : Allows many users to use a computer system interactively at the same time.

Parallel System : More than one CPU in close communication, it share the computer bus, some times share memory and peripheral devices. it has increased throughput and reliability.

Distributed System: Collection of processors that don't share memory or a clock. It provides the user with access to the various resources located at remote site.

Real Time System : It is used when there are rigid time requirements on the operation of a processor or the flow of data.

Hard Real Time System : Well defined, fixed time constraints. Used as control device in a dedicated application.

Soft Real Time System : Less stringent timing constraints and don't support dead line scheduling.

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