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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Exam Tips for HSST CS / CA

Give importance to  the following areas 
  1. port number of FTP , HTTP , etc..
  2. Time complexity of Search and sort..
  3. TCP / IP 
  4. OSI Reference Model
  5. Search engines like google, page rank etc..
  6. if possible go through the summary pages of OS , Networks, Communication 
  7. Go through the IT Quiz published in computer magazines
  8. Refer source books for Plus two courses
  9. previous questions of UGC and GATE
  10. Never attend the question 100% dubious
Remember that Last time the cut off marks for HSST computer science exam was only 35

1 comment:

Yangtze said...

1.What will be the cut off mark of HSST computer science 2011?
2.Whether cut off mark will be same for both Jr.& Sr.?