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Saturday, September 22, 2012

HSST Computer Science / Application 2012:Possible Answer Key : Q.No 76 to Q.No 100

78.Natural objects can be realistically modeled using: 
(A) Binary space partitioning tree  (B) Fractal Geometry 
(C) Octrees  (D) Constructive Solid Geometry 

79.Not a storage placement strategy for an incoming program/ data: 
(A) First Fit  (B) Average Fit  (C) Worst Fit  (D) Best Fit 

80.An attribute or set of attributes within one relation that matches the candidate key of some 
(possibly the same) relation: 
(A) Super key  (B) Candidate key (C) Primary key  (D)Foreign key 

81.A subset of data in a data warehouse in the forrn of summary data, related to a particular 
department or business function : 
(A) Meta Data  (B) Archive data 
(C) Data Marts  (D) Operational Data Store 

82.In an IP packet, header checksum computes: 
(A) l's complement sum of 16 bit words in the header without data field 
(B) 2' s complement sum of 16 bit words in the header without data field 
(C) l's complement sum of 16 bit words in the header including data field 
(D) 2' s complement sum of 16 bit words in the header including data field 

83.A TCP server must prepare to accept a connection attempt from a TCP client by calling the 
(A) connect ( ) 
(B) bind () 
(C) accept ( ) 
(D) listen ( ) 

84.Not a Bernstein's condition for two processes PI and P2 executing in parallel on input set 11 
and 12, producing output set a 1 and a 2 respectively. 

85.The normalization of 1 N F relations to 2N F involves: 
(A) Removal of partial dependencies 
(B) Removal of full dependencies 
(C) Removal of transitive dependencies 
(D) Removal of multi-valued dependencies 

86.The technique used for dimensionality reduction of original data: 
(A) Discrete Wavelet transform  (B) Principal Component Analysis 
(C) Both (A) and (B)  (D) Neither (A) nor (B) 

87.The technique used for producing color displays with random scan CRT monitors: 
(A) Beam Penetration  (B) Shadow Mask 
(C) Direct View Storage  (D) Gas - Discharge 

88.An objective measure of pattern interestingness in data mining: 
(A) Support rule  (B) Confidence rule 
(C) Both (A) and (B)  (D) Neither (A) nor (B) 

89. DHCP stands for: 
(A) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 
(B) Dynamic Host Control Protocol 
(C) Dynamic Heap Control Protocol 
(D) Dynamic Heap Configuration Protocol 

90.A static member function can have access to : 
(A) Static functions in the same class (B) Static members in the same class 
(C) Static members of other classes (D) Public functions of the same class 

91.Hidden terminals in a wireless network may cause: 
(A) Delay  (B) Collisions 
(C) Drain of battery charge  (D) Reduction of Signal Strength 

92.IC 80287 is : 
(A) Graphics Processor
(B) Microprocessor 
(C) Micro-controller
(D) Co-processor

93. The maximum size of main memory of a computer is determined by:
(A) Operating System (B) Address Bus
(C) Data Bus (D) Chipset

In computer terminology, POST stands for: 
(A) Power Operating System (B) 
Push Pop Stack (C) Power On Self Test (D) 
Power Storage

95.SaaS is a popular term in the field of :
(A) Datamining (B) Bioinformatics
(C) Information Security (D) Cloud Computing

96. Not an assembler directive
(D) DB

97.In a CDMA system, a code for a certain system should have: 
(A) Good auto correlation with other codes 
(B) Orthogonality to other codes 
(C) High standard deviation 
(D) Both (A) and (B) 

98. 1 Kilo Bytes refers to : 

(A) 1000 Bytes (B) 1024 Bytes  (C) 8000 Bytes (D) 8192 Bytes 

99.Tuple in relational algebra refers to : 
(A) Row (B) Column  (C) Table (D) Relation 

100. A ternary operator in C++ 
(A) ?:  (B) ||  (C):: (D).* 


neethu said...


ans is fractal geometry

qn: 81

ans is data mart


ans is both a and b


ans is beam penetration


ans is both a and b


ans is db


ans is collision

Faisal qblpindia said...

data mart is correct

Arun Chandran said...

Can any one please let me know when we can know the result and what would be the cut off. How many people will be shortlisted?

Arun Chandran said...

Can i know whats the cut off and when we can know the results. How many will be shortlisted for the exam.

Priyesh Kupleri said...


PachakaRani said...

ans is D(baud)
ans is C(database segmentation)
Qn.12 ans is C (thrash)

PachakaRani said...

Qn. 15
ans is D(c++)
I think ans is B(SATA cable)
Qn. 27
ans C( class c addresses)
Qn. 30
ans D(telnet)
ans is A(SSL-secure socket layer)
Qn. 47
ans. A(LL parser)

PachakaRani said...

We found 7 errors in the ans key of PSC.(4-D,10-C,11-C,14-D,21-B,27-C,31-A)We are going to sent these errors to PSC in the prescribed format. Otherwise it will not be considered. will you?

PachakaRani said...

Qn.2 A multiplexer is often used with a complementory demultiplxer on the receiving end.
So there need both MUX and DEMUX for for sharing system resources among multiple users.
so the answer is - A or B
=C'D'B+CD'B since A+A'=1

Qn.34 To find postfix