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Saturday, September 22, 2012

HSST Computer Science/Application 2012:Possible Answer Key : Q.No 25 to QNo 50

26. Not an Anti-virus software: 
(A) McAfee  (B) Norton (C) AVG  (D) TROJAN

27. The following IP address format refers to: 
D31  D30    D29      D28-D8                       D7-DO 
   1             1         0           NETWORK                 HOST
(A) Class A addresses  (B) Class B addresses 
(C) Class C addresses  (D) Class D addresses 

28.In C++, a pointer that is automatically being passed to a member function during its 
invocation is : 
(A) Base pointer (B) Derived pointer (C) Virtual pointer (D) this pointer

29.With QBE, inserting records from one or more source tables into a single target table can be 
achieved by : 
(A) Append action query (B) Update action query 
(C) Insert action query    (D) Make table action query 

30. Not an example of a network debugging utility : 
(A) ping  (B) nslookup  (C) traceroute (D) telnet
nslookup => to chek domain name system => why is this used for debugging. To check whether a domain name exist that you bought?

31.A security protocol for personal emails : 
 (A) SSL  (B) PGP (C) RSA (D) Kerberos 
PGP => pretty good privacy
Note: SSL = secure socket layer => its also widely used for secure transaction especially credit debit cards. => Remember any site that use https is using SSL which means gmail like mail system also use SSL => SSL plays role in email transaction =>So answer can be PGP or SSL

32.If f and g are functions, then f(n) = e (g(n)) if : 
(A) f (n) = 0 (g(n))  (B) f (n) =11 (g(n)) 
(C) f (n) = 0 (g(n)) or f (n) = 11 (g(n))  (D) f (n) = 0 (g(n)) and f (n) = 11 (g(n)) 

33.Simplified form of the Boolean expression Y = A' B C' D' + ABC' D' + A' BCD' + ABCD' 
is : 
(A) C' D' 
(B) CD' 
(C) BD' 
(D) B C' 

34.The postfix form of the expression (A + B) * C - D / E is : 
(A) AB + C* D E/ -  (B) A B C* + D Ej- 
(C) ABC D E + * - /  (D) A B + C* D E - j 

35.When a process is accessing shared modifiable data, the process is said to be in : 
(A) Dead lock  (B) Critical Section 
(C) Multitasking  (D) Context Switching 

36.The first MPI function call made by every MPI process is the call to: 
(A) MPLMain ()  (B) MPL Wtick() 
(C) MPL Init ( )  (D) MPLBcast ( ) 

37.The output generated by the following C program does not include the value: 
# include  
main () 
{ intn=3; 
while (n>1) 
{if «n % 2) !=1) 
else n=3* n + 1; 
printf ( " % d ", n) ; } 

(A) 5  (B) 6  (C) 8  (D)12

38. Boundary value analysis is a method for: 
(A) White box testing  (B) Black box testing 
(C) Structural testing  (D) Mutation testing

39.Dijkstra's Banker's algorithm is used for: 
(A) Deadlock Prevention  (B) Deadlock Detection 
(C) Deadlock Recovery  (D) Deadlock Avoidance 

40. -, (p v q) == -, P /\ -, q is a famous law in logic known as : 
(A) Euclidian Law  (B) Karnaugh Law 
(C) Turing's Law  (D) De Morgan's Law 

41.The language accepted by a Push down Automata: 
(A) Type 0  (B) Type 1  (C) Type 2 (D) Type 3 

42. In parallel algorithm design, the process of grouping tasks into larger tasks in order to improve performance : 
(A) Agglomeration  (B) Domain Decomposition 
(C) Mapping  (D) None of these 
=> grouping small tasks into larger task

43. A system call in Linux operating system to create a new child process, which is a copy of the 
parent process : 
(A) access  (B) fork  (C) flock  (D) exec 

44.A preemptive type of process scheduling strategy : 
(A) Highest Response Ratio Next Scheduling 
(B) Shortest Job First Scheduling 
(C) First in First out Scheduling 
(D) Shortest Remaining Time Next Scheduling 
 It can be higest response next or shortest remaining time next => premeptive version means scheduler will stop abruptly and switch to next process based on some criteria.

45. The type of geometric transformation applied to an object for repositioning it along a straight 
line path from one location to another: 
(A) Scaling  (B) Rotation  (C) Translation  (D) Reflection 

46.Vignere Cipher is a kind of : 
(A) Stream Cipher 
(B) Mono alphabetic Cipher 
(C) Poly alphabetic Cipher 
(D) Block Cipher 

47. Recursive Descent Parsers are a type of : 
(A) L L parsers  (B) L R parsers 
(C) L A L R parsers (D) S L R parsers 

48. The approach used for requirements elicitation in software design and development 
(A) View Points  (B) Interview  (C) Use - Cases  (D) All of these 

49.The output generated by the following C program
# include  
int Update (int x)
static int y = 10;
y + = x;
return (y) ;

main ()
int a, count;
for (count =0 ; count < 3; ++ count)
a = Update (count) ;
printf ( "% d ", a);

(A) 10 11 12
(C) 0 1 3
(B) 10 11 13
(D) Compilation Error

50. Area on earth where signals of a satellite can be received:
(A) Foot- print  (B) Coverage  (C) Range (D) Vicinity 

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neethu said...

ans is
31) pgp
41) type 2
47) LL parsers

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Remya R said...

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I hope PSC will publish the short list soon