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Monday, September 25, 2017

HSST Computer Science Exam Preparation Online

Discussion: 25/09/2017 : Network : Protocol : Network Devices:VIRUS

Q. Binary Huffman coding is a
a) Prefix condition code
b) Suffix condition code
c) Both of the mentioned
d) None of the mentioned

Answer: A

Q1.First computer virus is known as

(a) Rabbit
(b) Creeper Virus
(c) Elk Cloner
(d) SCA Virus

Answer: b

Q2). The technique of temporarily delaying outgoing acknowledgements so that they can be hooked on to the next outgoing data frame is called -------------

A) piggybacking.
B)cyclic redundancy check.
C) code repeat check.
D) none of the above

Answer: A

Q3.Network device belong at the OSI physical layer

a) repeater b) router c) switch d) bridge

Answer: a

Q4. The default port number used for HTTP is__________.

A. 22
B. 80
C. 443
D. 110

Answer: B

If the plain text is ABCABA , then what will be the code for A,B & C in Huffman codding,
 1.A =1 B=0 C=11
2. A =1 B=0 C=10
3. A =0 B=1  C=11
4. A =0 B=10  C=11

Answer: 4

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