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Friday, August 17, 2012

Young professionals programme - YPP

The Young Professionals Programme examination in Information Systems and Technology covers a wide range of topics in the areas of development and operation of information systems, electronic data processing, computer system architecture, programming and analysis, operating systems, database management systems, network infrastructure, information security, and other related topics. If you are successful in the examination, you could be assigned to a job that covers any or a combination of these areas. 

The typical job in this area is Associate Information Technology Officer. Some of the key responsibilities of an Associate Information Technology Officer would be (These duties are generic and may not be carried out by all Associate Information Technology Officers.): 

• Assists in the design, development, installation and operation of information systems, including systems analysis, programming and operation support. 
• Participates in the preparation of user requirements and other technical specifications. 
• Analyse well-defined modules within the system, develop enhancements and new features to existing systems. 
• Undertakes rigorous testing and proving the feasibility of applications software. 
• Assist in the analysis of various informational problems in conjunction with personnel of organizational units and making recommendations on the feasibility and cost benefits of implementing information technology solutions. 
• Preparing system and programme documentation and related technical/operational manuals. 
• Undertakes technical evaluation on the acquisition of information technology equipment and services. 
• Ensures data security and integrity. 
• Participates in developing and maintaining disaster recovery plans. 
• Prepares, updates and maintains system’s documentation, assists in the development of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between the client and OICT, for either specific IT services or general IT support, including any charge back mechanisms. 
• Assists in procurement exercise, including conducting needs assessments and benchmarks, preparing technical specifications and evaluation criteria. 
• Assists in the set-up and monitoring of software and IT service performance measures. 
• Actively Participates in Helpdesk support services. 
• Advises users on the most suitable hardware and software for different tasks; continuously maintains and enhances software. 
• Drafts training materials and conducts training sessions and demonstrations of systems for users. 

Education RequirementAt least a first-level university degree in the following fields: 

1. Main course of study: Computing 
1.1 Fields of study: Computer Programming, Data Processing, Networks, Operating Systems – Software Development, Systems Design, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Systems Analysis

2. Main course of study: Mathematics & Statistics 
2.1 Fields of study: Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Logic, Mathematics and Computer Science

3. Main course of study: Engineering & Engineering Trades 
3.1 Fields of study: Electricity, Electronics, Energy & Chemical Engineering, Engineering, Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Robotics, Mechanical Engineering

4. Main course of study: Physical Sciences 
4.1. Fields of study: Astronomy & Space Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, Geophysics, Marine Sciences, Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences, Mineralogy, Palaeoecology, Physical Anthropology, Physical Geography, Physics, Vulcanology 

5. Main course of study: Business & Administration 
5.1. Fields of study: Management, Business Computing, Management Systems

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