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Monday, August 13, 2012



1. The postfix expression AB + CD –  *
can be evaluated using a
 (A) stack
 (B) tree
 (C) queue
 (D) linked list
2. The post order traversal of a binary
tree is DEBFCA. Find out the preorder traversal.
 (D) None of the above
3. The branch logic that provides making
capabilities in the control unit is known
 (A) Controlled transfer
 (B) Conditional transfer
 (C) Unconditional transfer
 (D) None of the above
4. The number of colours required to
properly colour the vertices of every
planer graph is
 (A) 2
 (B) 3
 (C) 4
 (D) 5
5. Networks that use different
technologies can be connected by
 (A) Packets
 (B) Switches
 (C) Bridges
 (D) Routers
6. Both hosts and routers are TCP/IP
protocol software. However, routers do
not use protocol from all layers. The
layer for which protocol software is not
needed by a router is
 (A) Layer – 5 (Application)
 (B) Layer – 1 (Physical)
 (C) Layer – 3 (Internet)
 (D) Layer – 2 (Network Interface)
7. In multiuser database if two users wish
to update the same record at the same
time, they are prevented from doing so
 (A) Jamming
 (B) Password
 (C) Documentation
 (D) Record lock
8. A binary search tree is a binary tree :
 (A) All items in the left subtree are
less than root
 (B) All items in the right subtree are
greater than or equal to the root
 (C) Each subtree is itself a binary
search tree
 (D) All of the above
Paper – II
Note : This paper contains fifty (50) objective type questions, each question carrying two (2)
marks. Attempt all the questions.  J-87-12 3  Paper-II
9. What deletes the entire file except the
file structure ?
 (C) ZAP
10. Which command is the fastest among
the following ?
 (A) COPY TO  
11. B+ tree are preferred to binary tree in
Database because
 (A) Disk capacity are greater than
memory capacities
 (B) Disk access is much slower than
memory access
 (C) Disk data transfer rates are much
less than memory data transfer
 (D) Disks are more reliable than
12. A Transaction Manager is which of the
following ?
 (A) Maintains a log of transactions
 (B) Maintains before and after
database images
 (C) Maintains appropriate concurrency
 (D) All of the above
13. Leaves of which of the following trees
are at the same level ?
 (A) Binary tree
 (B) B-tree
 (C) AVL-tree
 (D) Expression tree
14. Which of the following TCP/IP
Internet protocol is diskless machine
uses to obtain its IP address from a
server ?
 (A) RAP
 (B) RIP
 (C) ARP
 (D) X.25
15. Decryption and encryption of data are
the responsibility of which of the
following layer ?
 (A) Physical layer
 (B) Data Link layer
 (C) Presentation layer
 (D) Session layer
16. In which circuit switching, delivery of
data is delayed because data must be
stored and retrieved from RAM ?
 (A) Space division
 (B) Time division
 (C) Virtual
 (D) Packet Paper-II 4  J-87-12
17. In which Routing Method do all the
routers have a common database ?
 (A) Distance vector
 (B) Link state
 (C) Link vector
 (D) Dijkestra method
18. Page Shift Keying (PSK) Method is
used to modulate digital signal at        
9600 bps using 16 level. Find the line
signals and speed (i.e. modulation
 (A)  2400 bauds (B) 1200 bauds
 (C) 4800 bauds (D) 9600 bauds
19. The station to hub distance in which it
is 2000 metres.
 (A) 100 Base-T

 (B) 100 Base-F
 (C) 100 Base-T

 (D) 100 Base-T
20. Main aim of software engineering is to
 (A) program
 (B) software
 (C) within budget
 (D) software within budget in the
given schedule
21. Key process areas of CMM level 4 are
also classified by a process which is
 (A) CMM level 2
 (B) CMM level 3
 (C) CMM level 5
 (D) All of the above
22. Validation means
 (A) are we building the product right
 (B) are we building the right product
 (C) verification of fields
 (D) None of the above
23. If a process is under statistical control,
then it is
 (A) Maintainable
 (B) Measurable
 (C) Predictable
 (D) Verifiable
24. In a function oriented design, we
 (A) minimize cohesion and maximize
 (B) maximize cohesion and minimize
 (C) maximize cohesion and
maximize coupling
 (D) minimize cohesion and minimize
25. Which of the following metric does not
depend on the programming language
used ?
 (A) Line of code
 (B) Function count
 (C) Member of token
 (D) All of the above
26. A / B+
 tree index is to be built on the
name attribute of the relation
STUDENT. Assume that all students
names are of length 8 bytes, disk block
are of size 512 bytes and index
pointers are of size 4 bytes. Given this
scenario what would be the best choice
of the degree (i.e. the number of
pointers per node) of the B+
 tree ?
 (A) 16 (B) 42
 (C) 43 (D) 44  J-87-12 5  Paper-II
27. The Inorder traversal of the tree will
yield a sorted listing of elements of
tree in
 (A) Binary tree
 (B) Binary search tree
 (C) Heaps
 (D) None of the above
28. Mobile IP provides two basic
 (A) Route discovery and registration
 (B) Agent discovery and registration
 (C) IP binding and registration
 (D) None of the above
29. Pre-emptive scheduling is the strategy
of temporarily suspending a gunning
 (A) before the CPU time slice expires
 (B) to allow starving processes to run
 (C) when it requests I/O
 (D) to avoid collision
30. In round robin CPU scheduling as time
quantum is increased the average turn
around time
 (A) increases
 (B) decreases
 (C) remains constant
 (D) varies irregularly
31. Resources are allocated to the process
on non-sharable basis is
 (A) mutual exclusion
 (B) hold and wait
 (C) no pre-emption
 (D) circular wait
32. Cached and interleaved memories are
ways of speeding up memory access
between CPU’s and slower RAM.
Which memory models are best suited
(i.e. improves the performance most)
for which programs ?
 (i) Cached memory is best suited for
small loops.
 (ii) Interleaved memory is best
suited for small loops
 (iii) Interleaved memory is best
suited for large sequential code.
 (iv) Cached memory is best suited for
large sequential code.
 (A) (i) and (ii) are true.
 (B) (i) and (iii) are true.
 (C) (iv) and (ii) are true.
 (D) (iv) and (iii) are true.
33. Consider the following page trace :          
4,3, 2, 1, 4, 3, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 5
 Percentage of page fault that would
occur if FIFO page replacement
algorithm is used with number of
frames for the JOB  m = 4 will be
 (A) 8
 (B) 9
 (C) 10
 (D) 12
34. Check sum used along with each
packet computes the sum of the data,
where data is treated as a sequence of
 (A) Integer
 (B) Character
 (C) Real numbers
 (D) Bits  Paper-II 6  J-87-12
35. If an integer needs two bytes of
storage, then the maximum value of a
signed integer is
 (A) 2
 – 1
 (B) 2
 – 1
 (C) 2

 (D) 2
36. Which of the following logic families
is well suited for high-speed operations ?
 (A) TTL
 (B) ECL
 (C) MOS
37. Interrupts which are initiated by an
instruction are
 (A) Internal
 (B) External
 (C) Hardware
 (D) Software
38. printf(“%c”, 100);
 (A) prints 100
 (B) prints ASCII equivalent of 100
 (C) prints garbage
 (D) none of the above
39. For the transmission of the signal,
Bluetooth wireless technology uses
 (A) time division multiplexing
 (B) frequency division multiplexing
 (C) time division duplex
 (D) frequency division duplex
40. Consider the following statements :
 I. Recursive languages are closed
under complementation.
 II. Recursively enumerable languages
are closed under union.
 III. Recursively enumerable languages
are closed under complementation.
 Which of the above statements are true ?
 (A) I only
 (B) I and II
 (C) I and III
 (D) II and III
41. What is the routing algorithm used by
RIP and IGRP ?
 (B) Link-state
 (C) Dynamic
 (D) Dijkestra vector
42. Identify the incorrect statement :
 (A) The overall strategy drives the        
E-Commerce data warehousing
 (B) Data warehousing in an            
E-Commerce environment should
be done in a classical manner.
 (C) E-Commerce opens up an
entirely new world of web
 (D) E-Commerce security threats can
be grouped into three major
categories.  J-87-12 7  Paper-II
43. Reliability of software is directly
dependent on
 (A) quality of the design
 (B) number of errors present
 (C) software engineers experience
 (D) user requirement
44. ______ is not an E-Commerce
 (A) House banking
 (B) Buying stocks
 (C) Conducting an auction
 (D) Evaluating an employee
45. ______ is a satellite based tracking
system that enables the determination
of person’s position.
 (A) Bluetooth
 (B) WAP
 (C) Short Message Service
 (D) Global Positioning System
46. A complete microcomputer system
consists of
 (A) Microprocessor
 (B) Memory
 (C) Peripheral equipment
 (D) All of the above
47. Where does a computer add and
compare data ?
 (A) Hard disk
 (B) Floppy disk
 (C) CPU chip
 (D) Memory chip
48. Pipelining strategy is called implement
 (A) instruction execution
 (B) instruction prefetch
 (C) instruction decoding
 (D) instruction manipulation
49. Which of the following data structure
is linear type ?
 (A) Strings
 (B) Lists
 (C) Queues
 (D) All of the above
50. To represent hierarchical relationship
between elements, which data structure
is suitable ?
 (A) Dequeue
 (B) Priority
 (C) Tree
 (D) All of the above

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