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Sunday, November 5, 2017

HSST Exam Preparation

1. Processor manufactured by AMD

  1. Sempron.
  2. Phenom.
  3. Turion.
  4. All of these
2. Which unit is largest

  1. Yotta Byte
  2. Peta Byte
  3. Tera Byte
  4. Zeta Byte
3. X is an electronic toll collection system by national highway authority of India. It was initially set up in the golden quadrilateral stretch but now is implemented in over 247 toll plaza across national highways. Name this system which uses Radio frequency identification to work

  1. Speedtag
  2. Fastrack
  3. Fastag
  4. Speedtrack
4.Technique for defeating a cipher or authentication mechanism by trying to determine its decryption key or passphrase by trying hundreds or sometimes millions of likely possibilities

  1. Salami Attack
  2. Data Diddling
  3. Data Mining
  4. Dictionary Attack
5. Characteristics of Salami Attack

  1. Small attacks add up to one major attack that can go undetected
  2. unauthorized changing of data before or during their input to a computer system
  3. process of discovering patterns in large data sets
  4. All of these

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